Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009

A tea box to cheer her up

As a christmas present for a lovely friend I made this tea box. Inside there are 21 different kinds of tea and on every bag is a short saying which should cheer her up when she's unhappy.

Congrats on staying 29

This is a birthday card for my godmother. I wanted to accentuate the beautiful background paper which I bought on 'Stempelmekka'.

I'm alive

I want to say sorry because I haven't updated my blog for weeks.
On the 3rd of December I had a bad car accident on which my car overturned many times. I had a lot of luck that nothing worse occured but I had to stay at hospital for a few days. I have a broken lumbar vertebra and a broken rib but I feel better every day.
Now I want to show you some projects of the last weeks.
Hope you like them.

Hugs, Miriam

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